I choose happiness and love.
Pleasure, sex and joy comes natural to me.

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(Allt på svenska och engelska)

(Svenska följer) How you and your partner/partners choose to have sex is up to you. However condom or not, to have a long and happy life with a lot of sex and pleasure you’d better get tested for STDs a couple of times a year. My advise is to get testet at least ones a year even if you are in a non open relationship.

Sex, glädje och njutning kommer naturligt för mig. Hur du och din partner/partners väljer att ha sex är helt upp till er. Kondom eller inte så är det för ett långt live med mycket sex, njutning och glädje viktigt att testa sig ofta. Även om du är i en icke öppen relation är det mitt råd att du testar dig minst en gång om året.



STD – This is how you get tested


(Svenska) It’s important that you get tested for STD on a regular basis! In Sweden its for free and you don’t pay anything. In most cases you make your reservations via a homepage. In my case “Centrum för sexuell hälsa” in Malmö. If you have symptoms, you should call for faster service.


A nurse called my name and we went to a private room.


First i got a fast test for HIV. You get the results in only a few minutes.







i didn’t have HIV, and we went on with the rest of the tests.



I wanted to know my resistance to hepatitis. I also wanted to get tested for syphilis, and that is made by blood sample.


Al blood samples made.


The last tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea is made from urine sample, saliva and rectum sample. I got two test tubes and small plastic cup and went to the loo.

The sound is bad and it is in swedish. But I don’t say much and it is all about the final urine and rectum test. I test myself often and hope for your sake that you do too. It’s allways better to know. 😉

It take up to 10 days for the results, and I didnät hav anything this time 😛


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