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(Svenska) I just love doing exercise, and to be a group exercise instructor is the best thing in the whole wide world. Recently I signed for a new gym – The Motion Studio, and you will find me give classes in Body Balance and Spinning starting in Septeber.

This is the kind of music you will find in my own choreographed spinning on Thursdays 17:00


My gym is
The Motion Studio




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(Svenska) I’m the kind of guy that like pleasure. Pleasure can be many thing! But this time it’s about cozy time with myself. I love “taking my dragon for a ride”, and so I did last night. I don’t mind loooooong sesions with me, my dick and porn. The not so fun part is when you are done and there is silicone lube on “your mouse”, keyboard and everywere else!! 😀

ADON 2014-09-05 18.35.27

ADON buse gym The Motion Studio DSC_0461

Love for life beats all men in the world!

(Svenska) Gym, friends, avocado, PS4, Copenhagen Pride, Sitges, Hotel El Cid, Barcelona Circuit, jamon Serrano, P!nk and everything great else.

Right now am at the best gym in the world The Motion Studio. I’m warm, worn out from 60 min tough exercise on a bice, and soaking wet from all sweat.

I just came to change for a steamy showers and a sauna befor I go home to my guinea pigs, food and PS4. Diablo III is comeing up.

ADON buse spinning The Motion Studio TMS Gym DSC_0465.jpg

I give classes in Les Mills Body Balance and spinning at the best gym in Malmö

The Motion Studio





I have done a lot of exercise lately at The Motion Studio, and with intensified exercise comes intensified libido! You can say that I am fucking horny right now and all the time. So as soon as I have posted this I will go to SLM Malmö, drink beer and have sex! 😛 

Nöden har ingen lag. Jag har fan inte knullat på flera dagar och med en ökad träningsfrekvens har jag ökade behov. Jag var på The Motion Studio tidigare idag och tränade SPRINT. Nu har jag käkat, piggnat till och är brunstig som en tjur. Som tur är håller SLM Malmö öppet i kväll och så fort detta inlägg är skrivet tvättar jag kuken och drar ner till klubben! Det ska knullas och drickas öl i kväll! 



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