The Swedish “Bulle”

The Swedish “bulle” differs a lot from the Skåne “bulle”. If you ask for a bun you will get a role. But not necessarily a role the way you want it…

I’m going north to Växjö in Småland where I grew up to do my first day at The Linné Universitetet of Växjö . I’m traveling by train from Malmö Skåne and bought breakfast at the station. Coffee ☕ and a “bulle” (bun). When I realized that he tryed to sell me a roll and not a bun I specifically asked if it was A! Ready “bun”?! Meaning if it was with butter, cheese and stuff… Knowing tha the skåning quite so often looks at the world 🌍 differently.

When I reached the “buns” I noticed that my suspicions were justified… So I grabbed a “bun”, held it high in the air and said to the lad behind the counter – This isn’t ready?!
– Yes it is! He replied!

As you kan see it’s a roll and not a bun… A roll without butter, cheese or whatever.

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