What men do…

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The gym SATS Västra Hamnen in central Malmö, Sweden

I am going to Barcelona and Sitges later on this summer. So to get better chances to get laid, I am intensifying my exercise! But fitness comes with a price!!! I am fucking horny every minute of the day! Well that is normal for me… But with all exercise I am extreeeeeeemely horny every minute of the day. So now I really have to do, what many men do, many times a week! What I do many times a day….

25 Happy gay men

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(Svenska) I think I must have ended up at the ladies room… But it’s the end station for for a great afternoon at Scandic Triangeln and Summer Brunch Party anyway. After a lot of champagne and strawberries it was time to go home for some freching up and take a taxi to the next event. The barbecue and 25 happy gay men! Maybe I will have som pics later on from the party…?

The resting part…

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(Svenska) After a lot of Saturday night fun yesterday… I today had a great time at gym. I can’t really say that I worked out that much… Since I were talking with friends more than I did heavy weight lifting. But exercise is so much more than lifting weights. Fitness is allso food and rest. And today you can say that I did a lot of the resting part…

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And with resting comes a lot of having fun in front of the mirror. I think everyone love taking selfies. And I’m not better…



Nina Bonina Banana WEST PRIDE

(Svenska) This weekend you have Wes Prid in Gothenburg, Sweden! You find all the fun at QX GAY MAP. Unfortunately I can’t go to Gothenburg this weekend. But I wish all you happy fuckers that are going, the best freaking weekend ever!!! A lot of love to you and what ever nasty shit you might do. No i am getting a bit envy…



Here are some tips on what to wear, which makeup to should choose and what cat to bring…

I sense a great Saturday


Good morning!
I sense a great Saturday after a lovely Friday!

(Svenska) This selfie was made yesterday when it was Friday, and there is something special about Fridays that makes everyone happy and joyful! Something is lightning up in everyone’s eyes and it’s almost imposible to have a bad day on the fifth day of the week. Now I’m almost happy every day of the year. But I have to admit that even for me there is somethin special about Fridays.


Don’t be hungry!

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Don’t try to learn a new fitness program on a empty stomach! Don’t be full… But for your, and everyone else’s sake don’t be hungry! I almost became a computer poorer and a broken window richer… Now I’m the one going down the supermarket for 1000g candy, cheese and what else I need to keep my blood sugar in shape for a few hours of yoga practice!