She ran out the balkony!


I have the best neighbors ever. With one exception… A crazy female in my age that completele goes berserk when someone play music, or watch TV in what she think is to loud volume… She can run out the balkony and screeeeeam out loud. QUIET!!!. Stomp the the floor and hit the walls. Approximately three weeks ago, when she stomped the floor, my roof I went up and asked here:
– Do we have a probleme?
giphy (9)She responded with some drama act that she work nightime. I looked at here like.. Ok…? And she completley exploded like the crazy person she tend to be! I gave here the hand and said like whatever… And whent down my flat again. She hasen’t botherd me ever since… But now a neghbour is playing lovely music and I’m just waithing with a fat smile in my face for here, the crazy lady to run out the balkony and scream out loud:

giphy (8)QUIET!!!

Call me a monster if you’d like… But I so totally find pleasure in this!




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