She ran out the balkony!


I have the best neighbors ever. With one exception… A crazy female in my age that completele goes berserk when someone play music, or watch TV in what she think is to loud volume… She can run out the balkony and screeeeeam out loud. QUIET!!!. Stomp the the floor and hit the walls. Approximately three weeks ago, when she stomped the floor, my roof I went up and asked here:
– Do we have a probleme?
giphy (9)She responded with some drama act that she work nightime. I looked at here like.. Ok…? And she completley exploded like the crazy person she tend to be! I gave here the hand and said like whatever… And whent down my flat again. She hasen’t botherd me ever since… But now a neghbour is playing lovely music and I’m just waithing with a fat smile in my face for here, the crazy lady to run out the balkony and scream out loud:

giphy (8)QUIET!!!

Call me a monster if you’d like… But I so totally find pleasure in this!




“he” is happy after adrenaline boost!

DSC_3721 1

(Svenska) Doing hard work at the gym releases many substances in your body. Several of them make us men horny and “he” becomes happy after tough effort with sweat, will and strength. Endorphine make us happy and is excreted in large quantities when we do (especially) hard conditioning exercise.

DSC_3720 1

To me, it’s more of a rule than an exception that I get horny after workout. Very often already during the training it’s getting hot under the hood. Already on my way to the gym I can feel it start tickeling in my undies. When I start to thinking, I’m probably always a bit horny. But physical exercise acts as a catalyst for the lust, and I often get over heated!


Fortunately, there are solutions to most things in life!
In this case, a helping hand in the sauna can do the trick…


My kind of pleasure


(Svenska) Warm and sweaty!
Summer finally came to Malmö Sweden and we have volcano heat now! My pants are warm and my scrotum is sweaty.


A sweaty crack and a warm, swollen head is a great combination for having a good time.

I am really horny right now but will save my “strength” for the park later on this evening. Naughty meeting in the bush is my kind of pleasure!