BB sex rather than gymfree life!


Having BB sex or BareBack as it is written out, Is frightening to many peoples. But without hesitation most people skip exercise, stuff them self with fat, sugar and life shortening crappy food. Today we know that it isn’t if you get sick from cigarettes, it is what and how many sequelae you get from smoking. And it is well know that if you do exercise at least three times a week, you life will be dramatically lengthened and healthier! But still most get mor agitated from hearing that some chose to fuck bare, than above mention health issues… I love to fuck BB on occations, But I chose a safe life by doing exercise five times a week, eat helathy and drink alcohol way less than the average. I know I will live a ong and healthy life, and I wish you the same!

I do not proclaim Bareback Sex. I proclaim freedom of will!

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