The beast awakens in me :P

Adon Buse DSC_3304

(Svenska) Ok! The spring is here and the sun is shining, and I’m inside doing laundry…

Adon Buse DSC_3313

That is not all!!! I am so freaking horny and my meat is boiling in my pants!!! It must be the spring that awakens the beast in me! 😛

Adon Buse DSC_3302

The first thing I will do after laundry is find someone to mate with… Later on tonight I have to go out, party and do it again 😀

Adon Buse DSC_3310

But first I have to deal with my undies and the rest of my laundry. And maybe go tho the gym to boost my hornyness even more!!! 😛

Adon Buse DSC_3314

I love being a man and always be horny! But this is ridiculous! My dick is screaming:
– Find someone to fuck right NOW!!!