Ones have to live a little 👌

Life is short enough as it is. You don’t have to shortened it mor with living it the way you thing other expect you to live it.

Blog ADON is all abou pleasure and your right to your own life. I’m the official secretary in the board of SLM Malmö (Scandinavian Leather Men). So I know everything about pleasure, and the way “we all should look apond it”. All according to the religious norms almost every culture live after.

I live a very sinful life if you follow the hetro -normative, or religious laws and orders… But screw santa and his fundamentalists!  Today I have sold my soul to one of the 7 sins, “GLUTTONY” 🍽🐟🍾🥂

I’m at my favourite restaurant, Sushibaren having sushi 🍣

Later on I will probably do the sin  “LUST”

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