Don’t waste to much time blowing…

ADON Buse WP_20160207_16_54_11_Pro 2

(Svenska) Deepthroating is heavily overestimated! Oral sex is something I let you do because I think you like it and sometimes you need to get me started. but as soon as my meat is ready, spin around and let me drill you.

giphy (39)

Yes there is examples of when oral is relay nice and needed. As having groupsex, making love (whenever that is…?), or else having sex longer than a few moments around the gloryhole, in the park or in the darkroom.


ADON DSC09874 2

But no matter what. Your ass will always be on the back… So don’t waste to much time on oral. Let me fuck you, or vise versa.

Was this too much for you…?
Well, in the bottom of my heart, I am deeply sorry for that! I will do my best not to put any offensive post in blog ADON again 😉


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