Age matters – We all can afford to be picky


(Svenska) Some say that age is just a figure. Other say age doesn’t count. I say if it is of no matter to you, why don’t you just put your age on your profile for us who find it important to read? I’m talking about hook up and dating sights, where the purpose of your page is to find sex and or a patner.


To me sex is all in your head. My fantasy is more important than what i can see. Having anonymous sex always works. Sex where I don’t know what you look like, or who you are is great! But not knowing your age doesn’t work for me and I don’t even bother asking for informaiton on your wall that isn’t there.

I love fucking old men! But if you don’t present your age in your profile, how the fuck do I know that you’re a “grandpa”? I just surf on and pick someone that believe in age and put a figure on his profile. And believe me. There is enough men putting there agen on there profiles for the rest of uss to ignor ageless prifiles 😉


Maybe you are one of them 😛

giphy (38)

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