Ones have to live a little 👌

Life is short enough as it is. You don’t have to shortened it mor with living it the way you thing other expect you to live it.

Blog ADON is all abou pleasure and your right to your own life. I’m the official secretary in the board of SLM Malmö (Scandinavian Leather Men). So I know everything about pleasure, and the way “we all should look apond it”. All according to the religious norms almost every culture live after.

I live a very sinful life if you follow the hetro -normative, or religious laws and orders… But screw santa and his fundamentalists!  Today I have sold my soul to one of the 7 sins, “GLUTTONY” 🍽🐟🍾🥂

I’m at my favourite restaurant, Sushibaren having sushi 🍣

Later on I will probably do the sin  “LUST”

Making love behind the scene… 🌼🐝

I had the best day ever! Yest like the day before, and just like every other day. Earlier tested me for STDs. I think it’s important to do that every now and then.

Now it’s time  for board meeting wirh SLM (Scandinavian Leather Men) Malmö. We have one meeting every month and after it’s pub for all members. Beers 🍻🍺 in the bar, and “making love” behind the scenes…  🌼🐝

Horny, sweaty and hungry

DSC_3076 1.jpg

(Svenska) I’m done at gym, and very happy for the almost full class in SPRINT. It has been a sunny day so I didn’t expect so many to participate at my class today… But I guess that the people of Malmö is consider good helath to be important! Now I’m very horny and hungry. So guess what I’m doing the first thing I get home…? Just if that bloody buss could cum! Come…


Eating lettuce won’t help you…


DSC_3060 11

I’m sorry… But I don’t know a single lettuce success

(Svenska) You see it all the time. Mostly ladies torturing themselves with eating bad food just too loose a few stones… Soup, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce. Crappy bars and shakes just to eat some more lettuce, lettuce,lettuce… If you are one of these that constantly am on a diete, how do you think it goes? When did you start and what have you achieved…? I’m sorry… But I don’t know a single lettuce success

If all you wanna do is to become strong and healthy, with the shape of the body of your desire. The only way is to start doing exercise at least three times a week. I don’t know many who can manage doing that from home. So get e membership at your local gym, skipp all diets and start to live.

I eat everything! I love cookies and milk and the other day I had pizza. But I have a flat stomach and am strong as an ox! It’s all about finding balance between food and exercise.

I do all my exercise at HTA Kockum Fritid in Malmö

Don’t waste to much time blowing…

ADON Buse WP_20160207_16_54_11_Pro 2

(Svenska) Deepthroating is heavily overestimated! Oral sex is something I let you do because I think you like it and sometimes you need to get me started. but as soon as my meat is ready, spin around and let me drill you.

giphy (39)

Yes there is examples of when oral is relay nice and needed. As having groupsex, making love (whenever that is…?), or else having sex longer than a few moments around the gloryhole, in the park or in the darkroom.


ADON DSC09874 2

But no matter what. Your ass will always be on the back… So don’t waste to much time on oral. Let me fuck you, or vise versa.

Was this too much for you…?
Well, in the bottom of my heart, I am deeply sorry for that! I will do my best not to put any offensive post in blog ADON again 😉


Age matters – We all can afford to be picky


(Svenska) Some say that age is just a figure. Other say age doesn’t count. I say if it is of no matter to you, why don’t you just put your age on your profile for us who find it important to read? I’m talking about hook up and dating sights, where the purpose of your page is to find sex and or a patner.


To me sex is all in your head. My fantasy is more important than what i can see. Having anonymous sex always works. Sex where I don’t know what you look like, or who you are is great! But not knowing your age doesn’t work for me and I don’t even bother asking for informaiton on your wall that isn’t there.

I love fucking old men! But if you don’t present your age in your profile, how the fuck do I know that you’re a “grandpa”? I just surf on and pick someone that believe in age and put a figure on his profile. And believe me. There is enough men putting there agen on there profiles for the rest of uss to ignor ageless prifiles 😉


Maybe you are one of them 😛

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