Too much excitement in my pants

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(Svenska) Have done really hard yoga and tai chi -training recent days, and also today. Exercise makes me horny like hell, and I find it hard to say no to the temptation of manly “wrestling” and penetration games of the naked variety. I am impressed by all guys who say they will save them selves to later, or tomorrow! If I’m horny we are talking minutes, maximum hours before I have to cum. A smoker takes the liberty to kankse be late to work or a meeting just to take that cigarette before. I take the same liberty with a nice hand job. I can’t think clearly with too much excitement in my pants.
Tonight i work in the Gay Club “SLM Malmö“, MEN ONLY. And I have cuite som excitement in my pant already.
Photos from before, during and after “excitement” in my pants.

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Big Gay Party Saturday 11 MEN only!


Big Gay Club at SLM Malmö this Saturday, and you find me in the bar. Doors open 10pm – 12am. After 12am the party goes on until late! No dresscode but leave your best shirt, dress or shiny shoes at home. This is a club for men, lands and boys!

Adress: Tågmästaregatan 2, Malmö
Doors open 10pm -12am, after 12am the party goes on until late!