Mirror mirror on the wall…


Not to long ago me and my lads went out bar hopping and clubbing in Malmö Sweden. A good toilet in the region (for many purpose) is at Bee bar Malmö. ❤

Love the glamorous setting and the nice “man watch”. WONK after is a safe card when comes to pick up, dancing and fun. Not necessary in that order… 😛


Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Löve Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love 

The feeling..? Great!

ADON buse www.adon.live DSC_0874 1.jpg

I just love doing som upseated row after gym. Today me an one of my friends played squash. And this is how happy you get from doing exercise! Sauna after is lovely.



High as hell!


O my god what a feeling!

After a few days not going to gym, I felt like a god after exercise today! High impact and high intensity training makes you produce endorphin, and you “become invincible”. At least that is the feeling you get. Another side effect is that you get god damn horny from being high on endorphine!

My gym is HTA Kockum Fritid in Västra Hamnen Malmö


Queer As Folk

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Queer as Folk is a drama television series. An American/Canadian co production. The series ran between December 2000 and August 2005, but I nevers but I never saw it. So now my boyfriend make me see it. It’s a OK serie, that reflect a large part of the gay community. But if it wasent for my boyfrien… Well then I would probably stop watching it. It’s not that good. It kind of look a bit like my own life. But even how interesting my life is, I am living it and don’t have to whatch it on a screen too.


Then again… Here I have a perfect chans to cuddle with my man. sooooooo… I dont mind watching it!



Love in your pants


waking up with love in you pants and sun in you mind, is for many men a gift given every morning of the year.

Hard wood and love to life is coming like a mail with the post every day. But ofcourse the picture above is decent and this post is not an xxx notise. How the picture would look like taken just a few moment earlier… Well that is foryou to imagine and for meto know. Good morning everyone.