I recently got to know a guy who also likes to sport a bit. So I have challenge him in his sport, squash. Is that how you spell it..? “Squash…”

I have never ever tried squash! But we can pllay for free at my fabulous gym Kockum Fritid. And so we will!


I just have to google and youtube how it works first hahaha 😀

But squash we will play 😛



O My God what a morning!

Nora and I held the Les Mills SPRINT release at Kockum Fritid this morning. Full class and love in the air. Lovely members and the best Les Mills SPRINT ever, made an huge impact on happiness. Fitness and excercise makes you very horny. But other nice sideeffects are: happines, joy and strength!

Love to you all and make sure to chose happiness!
I do 😉