Boys will be boys

ADON buse DSC02915

After almost two weeks (8 days) apart from eachother we are finally back together! My man was in Bavaria, Germany for doing a beer things. He is a Master Brewer and does beer things here and there every now and then. I was in Stockholm to meet friends and do Stockholm Pride! But now we finaly are together again!

ADON Buse DSC02916

We met up at the farm in Östergötland, and will stay here for a few days before going home to Malmö. We have the place for ourselves, and oboy are we having fun!!! The first day we only cuddled and ****** like rabits… The second day too… Now we are fooling around and doing stuff in the forest and some fun shit on the farm.

ADON Buse DSC02947

The life of two boys is the best life there is! OMG, are we having fun!!!  ❤


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