Mr Leather Europe 2016


New title holder for Mr Leather Europe 2016

Last night in Helsinki Finland the ECMC AGM was held. The AGM’s highlight is the ending party with Mr Leather Europe competition.

14045737_1406961785987962_7517868247378453376_nMr Leather Europe 2015 Thorsten Buhl has done a great job as title holder and here are a fews words form Thorsten Buhl:

Time to say… My term as representative of the European leather community is coming to a close. It was a one-of-a-kind experience that I never expected to happen to me and definitely worth every minute invested in the title and its duties!

Time to say thank you very much to all my supporters and to the many who shared my journey the last months, either with your friendship, your acknowledgement, your words or just your hugs. I want to express my gratitude to all the clubs and associations which invited me to their events and to all their members who believed in me. It was a pleasure to be with you all! Thank you Daniel of ECMC and Christian and his team of LMC Vienna for your continuous encouragement.

Even though I cannot thank all my friends in particular, I want to shout out a huge thank you toFranz, who was always by my side, who backed me up and who was there whenever I needed him!

Now let’s move on to the Finnish finish. This will, however, not be the end. I will use every possibility to stand in for our wonderful leather community and to fight against fear and discrimination.

Yours in Leather Brotherhood,

Thank you so much Thorsen for a great year as Mr Leather Europe 2015!

Last night it was time to hand over the sash to the winner of Mr Leather Europe 2016, Joe King.


Congratulations to Joe King from the UK, new title holder for Mr Leather Europe 2016! We all wish you a great and an exciting year, and look forward to follow your adventures the coming year!





Party tonight!

WONK – For Better Club Life ❤


HIV AIDS – Truvada is here!


Taking Truvada can prevent you from getting HIV

The fight against HIV – AIDS!
PrEP finally to Europe. The European commission finally approve Truvada as a pre exposure prophylaxis against HIV in all 28 countries! France and Israel have decided TRUVADA to be free for all gay men! What will Sweden and the other countries decide…? Hopefully we will know in a few months from now.

Truvada has been used in USA and Australia as an pre exposure prophylaxis against HIV, for a long time. The medicine Truvada is not new… The effect of Truvada has been known for about 20 years!





ADON Buse DSC_0099


Fitness is the way of life!

After a great SPRINT event at my gym Kockum Fritid today, I feel like a king! That is one out of many great side effects from exercise. That, and being horny!



I always eat something after exercise. I prefer carbs that taste good and give you a great feeling! today I had my favourites, Pågen cinnamon buns.


Adon Buse DSC_0096


2001 (2)


Super excited!


Feeling super excited!

This summer I got my Les Mills SPRINT license, and today we are having SPRINT release at Kockum Fritid




Come And Get Sweaty

ADON Buse DSC_1470

(In English wil follow)
I morgon lördag den 27 augusti körs ett svettigt event i Västra hamnen. Les Mills SPRINT nr 4 står på agendan. Nora och jag körr två dubbel på Kockum Fritid. Välj ett pass av:



Ett fåtal platser kvar. Är du inte redan medlem på Malmös 3e största anläggning är det hög tid nu! Vi har både simbasänger, ishall, badminton, squash, restaurang, shop, konferanslokaler och fitnessbanor för blandannat innebandy. HTA Kockum Fritid är det absolut bäst gym jag varit i kontakt med och gör numera all min träning här! Givetvis är det obligatorisk bastu efter! 😛
Les Mills SPRINT ADON Buse   DSC_1844

Come to Kockum Fritid in Malmö tomorrow August 27, for the release of Les Mills SPRINT nr 4. Nora and I will do to classes for all members. A few spots left. Pick one class of: