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I bought the latest Sony smartphone from Telia in February this year. In May the phone broke. Three month and four loan telephone later I still haven’t got what I paid for half a year ago! The phone that I have bough and payed for six month ago hav been to service more than in my possesion. Telia dosent really care, with absolutely no feeling for customer service at all!

I STRONGLY recomen everyone to chose another operator than Telia! I recommend Telenor or Tre. Everyone is better than Telia!

Telia is crap!

I tried to be quiet, but didn’t really succeed, woke my friend up when “Malmö Bulls” scored, won the game and the tournament was over.

It’s the day after, and I had a big night out with friends. A few drinks (many), socialising, singing, clubbing, dancing and many more drinks, beer and wine. We had a fabulous night out at Mälarpaviljongen amongst other places at Stockholm Pride.

Staying with friends while being on vacation has its advantages and disadvantages… Being a horny bull taming the dragon a few times a day becomes a project living in a studio with someone.

I came home early Saturday morning after Stockholm pride party, god dam horny with a hot and happy lad in my pants, wanting to get out of the lair “do rugby” with strong fists, rib and balls. Luckily Daniel (my friend I stay with over Pride) was sleeping, and I put porn on my laptop, sat down in the couch, unzipped and pulled out the beast fora sweaty play and a tuff game! I tried to be quiet, but didn’t really succeed, woke my friend up when “Malmö Bulls” scored, won the game and the tournament was over. Daniel is one of my best friends, he just shook his head, turned around in the bed and continued to sleep…

Well… A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…
Anyhow, mission accomplished!
I cleaned up my mess and went to bed too.



My best friend Ted from Melbourne, Australia is in Stockholm over the pride. Of course we had to go see the ABBA museum yesterday. We paid just over 200sek per ticket and I thought the first tiny room was it… I thought that the first 20kmv room in the museum was all of the museum, and no more after that! I told Ted:

Ted we fucking payed over 2oo sek per ticket!!! Let us fucking sit here now and get out the most from our tickets!!!

But after 10 minutes in that first room, we realised that there were more… MUCH more!!! We so totally loved the ABBA museum and strongly recommend everyone to go see it! You can make your own music mix, answer questions and interact a lot!

We love you ABBA!

Here are some pictures from the Thursday afternoon fun @ the ABBA museum in Stockholm, Sweden.DSC04858DSC04861DSC04862DSC04895DSC04868DSC04871DSC04877DSC04880DSC04882DSC04889DSC04886DSC04890

Thank you ABBA!  ❤

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