Eng mini“RECTUM is where you meet people for intense xxx in dirty cellars, fuckfights against cold concrete walls, heavy groans under flickering light bulbs, hands tightly clasping rusty grates.

Always and forever respect the rule: what happens at RECTUM, stays at RECTUM, and you never talk about RECTUM.
Always notify RECTUM-crew if anyone violates the CoC or make you feel bad, we do not allow such actions.
Always respect what other people are into, even if you do not like it yourself.
Always obey the decisions of the RECTUM-crew.
Always combat racist or sexist comments.
Always value your own limits and those of others.
Always check for consent prior to action.
Always appreciate all answers.
Always leave your camera and phone outside RECTUM


RECTUM is a BDSMF-club for queers of all sexual orientations and identities who wants to create an environment where hetero, homo, cis and vanilla is not the norm.” (RECTUM)

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