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Most post will from now on be in both English
and Swedish in the same post. At the top in English, followed by Swedish at the bottom. Blog ADON at is all in Swedish, look for the menu at the top.


ADON Largest Gay blog in Scandinavia 

eng-miniminiYou find a lot of LGBT fun in the top right menu. blog ADON in English or the SVENSKA BLOGG ADON PÅ (Swedish blog ADON at QX). You’ll find Gay movie streaming service “Gazenet”, Europe’s first and only gay fetish lifestyle magazine “Alpha tribe”, QX Gay map. And much much mor LGBT fun ❤

AUTHOR & BLOGGER – Mr Leather Malmö – Finest Awards nominated blogger – MAN

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The first movie streaming site in Sweden with a LGBTQ-focus
Enjoy! (GazeNet)

13432436_1049012498525449_6026882262245858509_n“Welcome to Alphatribe’s “world of male fetish”.
Alphatribe is Europe’s first and only gay fetish lifestyle magazine.” 

“The only thing better than men is gay men. We are GayTV and we want to share our love with you.”(Gay TV)

ADON is a page for pleasure, life and fun.  The space where sex is something good and having fun is the norm. ADON is where you decide for yourself, just like everyone else. Where everyone is equal!
ADON is a LGBT heaven were love is the law and respect is the guid.

ADON is a playground for whoever who find suitable  ❤